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Application Guidance

Celebrating and showcasing the extraordinary achievement of Indians who have studied in the UK.

Who can apply?

Eligibility Criteria

Every nominee/ participant must meet all the Criteria listed below

To be eligible for the honours you 

Are a current student or an alumni

Can show a considerable amount of achievement in one of the award categories, whilst demonstrating social impact commensurate to your expertise in your respective field

Must have been an Indian citizen at the point of commencing their UK programme of study


Must have studied any type of course in a British HEI, either in-person or transnationally. This can include short fellowships, summer schools etc

Certifications, post doc researchers, Chevening and all other scholarship/fellowship holders are eligible

Unsuccessful applicants from last year’s awards can reapply (and are encouraged) for this round of honours as long as they meet all the eligibility requirements.

Can now be resident anywhere in the world and be of any age

To view the Eligibility Criteria for the "Best Student Society" Awards, please click here

Looking for

What are we looking for?

Alignment with the Achievers program and application category

High degree of impact in your respective field with a clear record of being leader in your respective field. Evidence of being a living bridge of UK-India relationship through your work in your respective field.

Curiosity and Innovation

High degree of intellectual curiosity combined with energy and creativity; a record of continuous innovation in your field, addressing the market/knowledge gap and/or use of new technologies.

Collaborative Spirit

As we move an era of global cooperation, the applicant should show a track record of working in collaboration with either large or small teams. The collaboration could be within the field of expertise, across field of expertise or among various key stakeholders. Evidence of team building and bringing about diverse minds together should be a key factor.

Character and Leadership

Evidence of demonstrable potential for leadership with genuine display of hardwork, perseverance, a moral compass, and display of resilience in the face of adversity.

Extraordinary achievement and recognition

Clear record of achievement, recognitions, and nomination of the highest quality in your respective field and across the fields. Evidence of mentions and coverage across the media highlighting your extraordinary degree of intelligence, leadership, and ambition.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Evidence of championing equality, diversity and inclusion in your enterprise or field of work. Desire to bring about an equitable society, providing accessible spaces within your sector, social change, and create a conversation to minimise disparities in the society.

Global Ambition for social Good

Desire to use one’s personal talents, resources and enterprise to make a positive difference in society and the world including climate change, homelessness, education, female empowerment.

Engagement: International, National and Local

Ability to engage with diverse audiences either globally or locally to influence and inspire them towards a better goal personally as well as for the society. Evidence of empowering next younger generations of internationally mobile students who act as powerhouses and global citizens of the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a current student, can I apply for the Achievers Honours?

Yes, both alumni and current students are eligible to apply for the Achievers Honours

I am/was a Chevening Scholar or I have held another type of scholarship, can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. We welcome and encourage all applications from different scholarship holders. Please ensure that the name of all scholarships awarded are mentioned in section 4 of the application

When can I expect to hear back on the progress of the application? 

You should hear from us during January 2024. Unfortunately, if you have not heard by the end of the month, then please assume your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.

If I am going to nominate someone, do I need to take their consent or inform them? 

It is not mandatory to seek consent, however we recommend you inform them as if they are shortlisted as an achiever they will be invited to the gala ceremony and we may require their additional participation e.g. through submitting a short video

If I am completing the application on behalf of someone else, who will be the primary point of contact for sharing the decision on the application?

We will get in touch with both the individual nominating the candidate and the nominee themselves. Please ensure you have entered the correct contact details for both. 

I am not an Indian citizen, can I apply? 

Yes, as long as you were an Indian passport holder at the time of your education you can apply. Please see the eligibility criteria here

I have filled in the application halfway, can I come back to it later? 

Yes, please use the save and resume button at the bottom of the application page to return at any time before the closing date. Please ensure you keep the unique link generated safely, without this you won’t be able to retrieve your application

I am facing technical issues while filling the application form. What should I do? 

Please email us urgently. Please be aware that we can only help you if you get in touch with us well before nominations close. Write to us at

How do you intend to use my data?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy here

What type of photograph do I need to upload?

Please upload a front-facing, professional style, high-resolution photograph of the nominee. The file should not exceed 5MB in size

Is a recommendation letter mandatory? 

No; this is an optional part of the application process.

Applicant Webinar

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of our Achivers? We have organised some sessions to help you learn more about the Achievers Honours and answer your questions

We will cover:

What is the India UK Achievers Honours

Why should you nominate yourself or someone you know

Who is eligible to apply

What are the different honours categories

How to apply

Please register for one of the sessions below. Sessions will be interactive and we will take your questions during the discussion:


14:00 UK

19:30 INDIA


14:00 UK

19:30 INDIA


14:00 UK

19:30 INDIA

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