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The India UK Achievers Honours

The Honours celebrate the remarkable achievements of Indian students and alumni who have pursued British academic programs. This prestigious initiative, in partnership with the British Council, the UK Government, and the UK Higher Education sector is an unparalleled recognition, fostering a thriving community of global achievers whose contributions shape not only the India-UK bilateral relationship but also global discourse on critical issues.


Why nominate

Recognition as an Achiever demonstrates your excellence and contribution as one of the top Indian alumni of the United Kingdom.


The Honours are a once in a lifetime, unique opportunity to join an elite community of excellence. This is your chance to showcase your successes and achievements and inspire future generations.


You can nominate yourself or someone else.

About the honours

In recognition of the trailblazing work of the UK’s Indian students and alumni, the United Kingdom annually celebrates those who drive positive change in India, the UK, and globally; whilst achieving professional success in their fields.


Do you have what it takes to join this dynamic community of exceptional people?

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Eligibility criteria

If you were an Indian citizen when you studied in the UK - and can demonstrate excellence in your chosen field alongside meaningful contribution to society, you are eligible to apply for yourself or nominate someone deserving for this prestigious honour.

How to enter

Simple! Please click the button below to fill out your application. Make sure to read the eligibility requirements beforehand.

Filling Out a Form
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Application Guidance

Before you apply, have a look at the guidance available to understand what we are looking for in our Achievers.


Browse through this section to find answers to some commonly asked questions. If in doubt, you can always write to us at

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