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The India UK Achievers 

Uniting Nations through Education

The India-UK educational alliance stands as our strongest pillar, shaping global impact. From Gandhi to Ambedkar, Nehru to Sorabjee—centuries of brilliance studied in the UK, catalyzing worldwide change. Collaborative research, like the Oxford-AstraZeneca-Serum partnership, transforms our world profoundly. The Achievers programme champions exceptional Indian talent nurtured in the UK, fostering ongoing educational and cultural ties. Led by students and alumni themselves, Achievers is organised in partnership with the British Council in India, in association with the UK Government’s Department for Business and Trade.


The Honours

The professional and social contributions of Indians who have studied in the UK are profoundly world-changing, and tremendously inspirational. Our Achievers are trailblazers, change makers and thought leaders who are changing the future of India and the UK, and setting global discourse. Meet our class of 2023 here.


The Conference

Conversations about young people can often leave young people outside the conversation. Well, no more. Students and alumni, i.e., those impacted most by the conversations will now shape the discussions and insert the voice of young people at the heart of the Higher Education sector and Government’s decision-making.

And this is not yet another conference – this is the first time the UK higher education sector will dedicate a day to the future of its relationship with India and truly understand what Indian students want and need. From the Skills agenda to employability, from AI to TNE, this strategic forum will enable the sharing of knowledge and leading practice to shape the future of international education in the India-UK corridor.


The Dialogues

Trailblazers, innovators, leaders...Achievers. Through the course of 2024, students all over India will have the unique opportunity to meet with some of our Achievers, engaging in thought-provoking conversations on topics of global relevance. Students will get to understand the journeys of these successful alumni, and learn how they too can build fulfilling careers and lives; and meet with UK universities and support providers to help on their Study UK journey.

2023 Edition

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